Each batch is seasonal, distinctive, and handcrafted. We grow or ethically source all ingredients and distill and process many of our own oils. We focus on sustainable, slow skincare and are involved in each step of the process. Sowing the seeds, tending the garden, harvest and processing herbs from our micro-farm and we partner with other cultivars for more specific or unique herbs. 

We utilize Miron violet glass for solar-infusions based on the lunar cycles and distill each hydrosol in the traditional method using a copper Alembic still. Many of our hydrosols are created from plants native to Southern California and all of them are distilled of fresh plant material, grown locally and sustainably harvested.

GARA, which represents Grass and Root Apothecary, was founded in 2014 as a quest for personal products with high integrity and truly organic ingredients. By utilizing the knowledge of energy systems, sacred geometry, plant alchemy, and extraction methods, each product has been formulated to showcase specific medicinal herbs that create a unique overall synergy.


At GARA, we look at the health of the entire body, inside and out. The skin, being the largest organ on the body, is a great diagnostic tool for internal and external dis-ease. If we look and listen to these signs and signals, we can take the first steps towards recovery and homeostasis.


We take a holistic approach to skin care and choose each ingredient with the utmost care. Our philosophy is to work with the body’s natural defense and regenerative mechanisms for overall skin and body wellness.

We systematically focus on the entire process, from sowing the seeds to harvesting, processing, and formulating the products. Everything is done in-house.


Our hydrosols are distilled seasonally, when the plants are at their peak. We support local farmers and businesses, including packaging and printing services, as well as community events, outreach and fundraising. 



Many of our herbs are soaked in cold-pressed, organic oil for 6-8 weeks in Miron violet glass. The fats in these oils are able to capture and carry nutritional constituents, vitamins and minerals from the herb into the oil. 



We distill our own hydrosols and essential oils using fresh plant material in a traditional copper Alembiq still.


You can read about each individual ingredient here. We post verifiable third-party test results for every batch here.



We work closely with our cultivars to ensure fresh, organic material cultivated with regenerative soil and agricultural practices.



We source many of our herbs from farmers we know personally and craft every batch by hand.

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